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  • 2.0 – 2014 Season 3 Build Released has released a new build of their online racing simulation, right in time for the start of the third season this year.
    The new build comes packed with changes as usual, introducing both new content and plenty of improvements.

    In terms of new content, the new build now enables members to purchase the Donington Park & Phoenix International Raceway tracks. A new car is also available as well as the Class B Chevrolet Impala can now be purchased.
    Furthermore, the new build also adds several new features, such as realistic backfires for several cars, tire model improvements and much more.
    For the full list of changes, make sure to check out the official release notes below!
    Click Here For the Full Release Notes

    8088 7.15mhz, 512k RAM, CGA@Number Nine 256k, HD 10mb, MS-DOS 3.20v, etc... those wonderful years

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    Re: 2.0

    Me he "comprado" Donington con los créditos que me han dado, y la verdad que está espectacular. Divertido como el que más. Y el DW12 es una maravilla. El antiguo Indy no iba tan bien en road.